Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Learning about tangrams

Shapes is one of the basic thing we learn in preschool. With shapes we can do many things and one of it is tangrams. Through tangrams, children can form many things like animals and patterns with it. Besides that, children can also learn the name of the shapes being used for eg: square and triangle.

With using shapes to form patterns, the children also learnt to rotate the shapes to fit together to form a pattern. 

In class, the question that was brought forward to us was using different number of shapes to make a rectangle. Through this experience, I learnt that we can use different amount and types of shapes to make a rectangle, be it using 5 shapes or 7 shapes but the conclusion we came upon was still a rectangle. 

I had introduced this type of tangram activity to my class of children. 

But I would think of printing templates like these for them to explore. I believe they will be much more creative through this activity. 

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