Thursday, 15 August 2013

Guessing games with dice

We use dice for many games for example snakes and ladders or even our all time favourite Monopoly.

Last night's game made me amazed with how Dr Yeap actually able to tell the hidden number behind after looking at the 2 numbers at both ends. After discussion with my friend, we decided to memorise the numbers opposite each other and coincidentally we found out that numbers opposite each other add up to 7. By multiplying 2 because of 2 dice, we have to subtract the 2 numbers on both ends to get the answer that was hidden.

I thought it was a very fun game and I had no idea before that that numbers opposite each other add up to 7. For us adults, we can do mental calculation however, if we were to let children play with this game, I would prepare a piece of paper for them to scribble their equations on to solve it.

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